Eco corporate gifts are increasingly in demand by companies and consumers.

It is very common for companies to give their customers a personalized gift to gain their loyalty. For some time now, custom eco-friendly corporate gifts are experiencing a significant boom, largely due to people’s awareness of caring for the environment. This increase in the demand for ecological advertising products has also led to an increase in the number of articles of this type within merchandising catalogs. For example personalized water bottles, recycled paper notebooks or reusable bags made with ecological materials.

Benefits of green corporate gifts

Opting for these gifts, in addition to helping care for the environment, also offers important benefits to companies. Let’s see some of the most important below.

They increase brand reputation

As we have already said, more and more people are aware of the importance of caring for the environment. By giving your customers or employees these ecological gifts, we will make them positively valued by the brand and the company.

They amplify the reach of the brand

Eco-friendly gifts can be seen as special gifts, which will help make the brand more visible and recognized by all who see it.

They help show your commitment

Whether you have a policy of commitment to the environment or not, it is an excellent way to promote a more sustainable world on a social, economic and environmental level.

How to choose the perfect green corporate gift?

We have already talked about the advantages that these types of gifts can offer us, but how to choose the right one among all those that we can find in the market? Here are some tips that can be of great help in your choice.

Functional gifts

When choosing eco-friendly gifts, spend a little time selecting those that can be more functional. Keep in mind that people are tired of objects that “are useless” and that end up in the trash or forgotten in a drawer. Keep in mind that the more practical the item you offer, the more your customer will use it, and therefore, the more visibility your brand will have. For example, an umbrella that can be used on rainy days.

Aligned with company’s values

Whenever possible, it is recommended that the chosen gift follows the same line as the company, that is, a gift that has something to do with what the company offers. In addition, it is important that the product preserves the aesthetics of the brand, especially in terms of color and typography.

Quality products

If you decide to give your customers an object, bet on quality products. A product that breaks on first contact will create a bad image of the brand. Contrary to what many people think, there are many customizable green products at very reasonable prices.

So you know, if you want to surprise your customers, bet on ECO products!