If anything has become clear to us with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is the importance of knowing how to reinvent oneself and adapt to the circumstances. And the culture and art sector and a large number of institutions have masterfully resorted to digital spaces and the development of virtual reality to provide users with the most realistic and complete virtual tours of museums and art galleries.

After months of total confinement, with thousands of museums, cultural institutions, galleries, festivals and other cultural events completely paralysed, the catastrophic prognosis of a massive loss of audience was looming. Fortunately, and with no time for regrets, artists, institutions, galleries and even art fairs, moved exemplarily into the digital world, using streaming services and virtual reality,

At a time when physical limitations are more than evident, digital media are offering us all the possibilities to enjoy a wonderful opera from the sofa of our home, take a virtual stroll through the gardens of the Alhambra in Granada and contemplate every detail of Guernica without time limits and with no one around you. Today at MUSART we would like to recommend the best virtual tours of museums in Spain.


  1. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

Through the Thyssen Museum website you can explore the art gallery as if you were inside. Not only can you stroll through all the rooms of the permanent collection, but you can also visit most of the temporary exhibitions. Isn’t it a real luxury to be able to see its rich exhibition on German Expressionism without leaving your home?

In addition, the Thyssen Museum has added the possibility of enjoying its works with virtual reality glasses, which will give an incredible realism to your experience.

Virtual tour of the Thyssen Museum

  1. Prado National Museum

The most important museum in Spain and one of the most important in the world, could not be missing in this article. Although in this case it is not exactly a virtual visit, the Prado Museum has made its entire collection available through its website. Paintings, prints, drawings, photographs… each work can be enjoyed separately, with an explanatory audio, a descriptive and the possibility of zooming in for a closer look. An endless amount of beauty at your fingertips!

Source: Museo Nacional del Prado


  1. Kuula

Although it is not a museum, we could not forget the luxury of the Kuula experience. Through this tool, which offers 360º virtual tours, you won’t be limited to contemplating works of art from the outside, but you’ll be able to enjoy them as if you were inside them. Don’t you think so? Visit this link!


  1. Reina Sofía National Museum and Art Centre

One of the most important museums in the world in contemporary art, was not going to be left behind in this modality. By accessing the collections of the Reina Sofia Museum virtually, you can enjoy its numerous works, with guided tours and a multitude of resources that will make you feel as if you were walking through the corridors of this important museum in Madrid.

Source: Museo Reina Sofía Photographic Archive


  1. City of Arts and Sciences

The museum of the beautiful City of Arts and Sciences, located in Valencia, has not been left behind and it is also possible to visit all its richness in an interactive way. From taking a virtual walk through its beautiful exteriors, to taking a tour of each of its interior rooms, the museum of the City of Arts and Sciences offers a wide range of ways to get to know all the richness of this complex of scientific and cultural dissemination.

Source: City of Arts and Sciences

And you, would you like to try the virtual way of visiting museums? Have you already done one? Don’t hesitate to tell us all about it in the comments. And to keep up to date with all our news, follow us on our social networks and we’ll see you soon!